5 Easy Ways To Stay Close In A Long Distance Relationship

Thankfully the internet has made it easier than ever to stay connected with your other half. Those miles apart will seem closer if you use the following tools to communicate.
You'll notice that some of the suggestions are rather obvious, however, I want you to re-think how you use them. Without further adieu here are some ways to get closer to your partner:
Text message 
Probably one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get in touch with your other half. Texting is common and there are a lot of programs you can use. If you're using a smart phone you can try using What's App. This app allows you to text for free to any type of smart phone that has the same app installed. It comes with a download fee but you'll save that money many times over when using regular text messaging. It needs a smart phone internet data but barely uses up your allowance.
Another easy way to bridge the distance. Instead of regular email messages try sending a joke or include some pictures to liven things up. Email is better than web chatting or texting because you can add a lot of things to make messages come alive. Why not try sending a funny YouTube clip you found or even a website to plan your next vacation together?
Video Chat 
You can use services like Skype to video chat for free. Just make sure you have a good webcam and mic (if you're using a laptop they typically come installed). Video chat is an excellent way to catch up and actually see how your other half is doing. Other places like Google+ hangouts are great as well because you can have a video chat while watching YouTube clips together!
Phone Call 
 The traditional approach is a phone call. Dial them up to say hi and catch up. If you get a voicemail answer leave a nice sweet message.
Traditional Mail 
Not many people use traditional mail anymore which is why I am recommending it. Nothing is more personal than a traditional letter written from your significant other. Make it handwritten, draw some pictures, include some funny magazine clippings and even place some of your fragrance on to it. I am sure their faces will light up when they receive it.
Just remember to not smother the other person. Give them some room but make them feel wanted. There is no secret formula for how much and often this should happen but you two should talk about it.

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Should I Tell Him That I Like Him?

You really like this guy but he seems clueless on how you feel. He just doesn't get it... and you are getting frustrated and a little anxious incase some other girl comes along and grabs his attention. What should you do with what you feel for him? Should you tell him that you like him?
1. Is there any chemistry between the two of you? 

Yes you like him but does he like you back? If his body language tells you that he likes you then you can take a risk and tell him that you like him but be sure that he really does like you. Sometimes you can imagine chemistry from him when you like a man a lot so observe him carefully before you decide if he really does like you. If possible get verification from mutual friends and acquaintances.
2. Show him obviously that you like him. 

You can tell him you like him by flirting with him and letting him see your feminine attractive side. Smile at him while looking directly at him... and then look away but keep stealing obvious glances at him... and smiling like you know something he doesn't. You want to use body language to tell him that you like him.
3. If he is already a friend. 

It easy to talk to a friend and since you already have a relationship you can use that friendship to find out how he feels about you. You can ask him directly or indirectly depending on how you see the conversation going. The problem with telling a friend that you like him is that if he doesn't feel the same way then it will feel awkward between the two of you for a while... especially when he gets a girlfriend. So observe him carefully before you say anything.
4. If you hardly know him. 

This type of guy is harder to tell that you like him since you don't know enough about him to know how to proceed. You will thus need to find out ways to start a conversation with him. You of course do not want to tell him that you like him at the beginning as that may spook him. But as you talk and he begins to reveal personal details about himself... and you reveal things about yourself then you can find a way to find out his heart about you. You want to develop an interest in the man before you pour out your heart to him by telling him that you like him.

Telling a guy that you like him can work to your advantage if you do it appropriately.

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Please Be Nice to Me - 6 Relationship Tips

So here are six ways to be nice to your partner. It won't necessarily salvage a marriage in its death throes, but it will go a long way to nurture, heal, or repair a relationship that still has a chance.
- Good manners
 "please" and "thank you" are just as necessary between adults as between children and adults; and good manners don't become irrelevant just because the relationship is an intimate or long-standing one. Courtesy demonstrates consideration and is a lubricant for all interpersonal interactions. The absence of good manners is often a statement of its own about a lack of caring for the other person.
- Spontaneous simple affection
 a touch on the back, a soft stroke of the hair, a hand resting on an arm, hand-holding when walking together, a kiss on the forehead when passing by. These simple gestures carry a powerful message of caring and connection. This is not to be confused with sexual overtures, which are a whole different category from being nice. When sexual overtures are the only gestures of affection, partners often reject them out of hand. Partners generally need to be treated nicely and with affection before they can be responsive sexually.
- Thoughtful gestures
 "can I get you anything while I'm up?'; "I made you a cup of tea" (especially when brought to the recipient in another room or part of the house); bringing something favored home from the grocery store ("Look, they had those apples you like so much!"). "Thoughtful" carries the clear implication that one partner was thinking, with kindness, of the other.
- Noticing and addressing emotional states - directing your attention to your partner with the intention of assessing how s/he is feeling, and then expressing what you've observed - "You look tired, honey," or "You seem really excited about this project." Noticing carries the message that one partner is significant to the other. This one leads us directly to the next tip à
- Inquiry - either to make an assessment or to pursue one, ask your partner questions. "So, tell me about this new project." Or "How are you doing with this new work schedule?" Receiving an inquiry from someone who matters to you is experienced as very positive. An inquiry carries the implicit message that you were not only noticed but also cared about.
- Being considerate
be as considerate of this person whom you've known intimately and at length as you would be of a relative stranger or a guest. Don't bang around late at night when your partner/guest is trying to sleep; make sure there's milk for the morning coffee; don't hog the remote control; don't interrupt when someone else is talking; etc.
Now, some general reminders and guidance -- these tips apply equally to male and female partners. In our culture we often think of these demonstrations of niceness as being particularly suitable to be received by women. Recent research has clearly demonstrated that men who are the recipients of these kind and thoughtful gestures from their partners are happier in their relationships.

Similarly, we think of women typically as being the nurturers in a relationship, but they also need to be the recipients of thoughtful gestures. Niceness needs to happen and to go both ways.

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Want to Win Your Ex Boyfriend Back? Then Do This!

Do you think about your ex boyfriend a lot ever since you broke up? Do you wonder what he's up to, who he's with and how to get him back? A lot of women ask these questions after a breakup. The good news is: if you want to win your ex boyfriend back, it is completely possible.
Now, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back as soon as possible, you have to approach things in a unique way. As much as you may want him back in your arms now, acting nervous and anxious about the whole thing will not help you out - remember that. In fact, it will ultimately lead to your failure. This mostly happens because of the value that you rid yourself of during this time. Since you try so hard to get your ex back, your desperation shows and the distance between the two of you ends up growing with it every day.
The fact is that running after your ex boyfriend, calling him constantly, sending him text messages every ten minutes, and being there whenever he wants something will not help you win him back. Think about it. If your value has gone down and it has become obvious to you that it has, your ex has probably noticed it, too - and who would want to be with someone with hardly any value left to their name? So, if you want to win your ex boyfriend back and ensure that he still finds you valuable, you have to stop doing these kinds of things from now on.
What you have to do instead is approach the relationship with a secure and calm mindset. This will create a magnetic attraction from your ex and raise your value in his eyes. Plus, you won't be seen as needy and weak anymore, and your loved ones will still respect you despite the desire to get back together with your ex.
Of course, it would be ideal if you can play up the confidence card at the same time because confidence is always appealing in a person and your ex is sure to notice this, as well. Overall, as long as your mindset is clear and you have heeded the advice in this article to a tee, you will no longer have to want to win your ex boyfriend back - because he will finally be in your arms again.

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6 Signs Your Boyfriend May Be Cheating On You

If you are wondering if your boyfriend is cheating on you be on the lookout for certain telltale signs he might display. If you see any of these signs be more attentive to his behavior but be careful about accusing him before you have actual proof. If you are wrong, this alone could ruin your relationship.
Below are 6 things you can be watching out for if you have any suspicions. Of course there are more clues to watch out for but these can get you started.
1. Do you already have a feeling your boyfriend is up to something? Normally you should pay attention to your gut feelings. If you ignore them you may be missing out on the truth of the matter. You better than anyone should know your boyfriends habits and when they change you know something is not right.
2. Does he pay more attention to your needs now? If so he may be feeling guilty that he is cheating on you when he is in the beginning stages of an affair. As the cheating continues this extra attention will start to diminish.
3. Also if he starts buying you lots of gifts he could be feeling guilty about cheating on you. The theory is buying you gifts is supposed to make him feel better for what he has done. From your standpoint it will be obvious he is up to something if he never gave you gifts this way in the past.
4. If he is in a long term relationship he will do his best to make both relationships work. It will be difficult and something will go wrong eventually. If he has problems in the other relationship it will show when he is around you. Watch for out of the ordinary mood changes when he is with you, this could be a sign he is having trouble with the other girl.
5. If you get in a fight does he always talk about ending your relationship? He may make threats of leaving you knowing he has another girl to fall back on. Be cautious if you have to deal with this attitude especially if he says it often.
6. Has your communication broken down? He may have become impersonal with you or even avoids talking to you altogether if possible. He may even become inconsiderate of your feelings. While communication is very important in successful relationships, he may seem to have no interest in improving things.

How to Get Him to Express How He Feels

Men communicate differently from women. We learned that ages ago, right? This does not mean though that they are completely incapable of expressing their emotions or feelings. If you are with a man who seems to be emotionally distant, it's perfectly normal to feel insecure. You are probably thinking that he is not opening up to you because he doesn't care enough about you. Well, not necessarily. It's just that some men are having a hard time showing emotions. Try to find out what's keeping your man from having emotional discussions with you.
If possible, avoid all the drama and don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what he's thinking. Men are somewhat hard to read as they don't really paint the picture well. If you keep pressuring him, that's the start of drama, tears and pleas and you know how much men hate dealing with this kind of stuff. This will only give your man a reason to withdraw from you. The first thing that you have to accomplish is for you and your partner to communicate and by that I don't mean simply talking the way you do each day.

When it comes to healthy relationships, talking means saying what you mean but without hurting your partner's feelings. Don't play mind games with your man because this can add to the frustration you are going through. If you want something, all you have to do is to tell him directly. Don't beat around the bush. Don't tell him nothing is wrong when there's a lot of doubt inside your head. Communicating effectively also involves listening. When you listen to your partner, make sure you pay attention with sympathy. Look him in the eye when you speak to each other.
One of the most effective ways on how to get him to express how he feels is by making him feel safe and comfortable. Men won't open the gate unless they know for sure that they can trust you. If there's one thing that they try to avoid, that is to look vulnerable in front of a woman especially if you have been only seeing each other for a couple of weeks or months. Your man may need to establish trust and emotional connection first before he lets you see a different side of him. Make him see that you are someone he can trust and you are not going to be judgmental once he starts to share his feelings with you. Once a man feels safe with you and you've established that bond, he is going to tell you everything that he's been keeping inside.
Men don't like dealing with drama so if possible, keep it at a bare minimum. Don't give meaning to everything he does or doesn't do. Put away unnecessary emotional intensity and hidden tension. These things will push him to shut down. If you want your boyfriend or husband to feel comfortable, show him that you are in touch with your feelings and you can express them in a clear way. In other words, lead by example.

 Show him how it's done and with a little patience and encouragement, you can coax your man into freely expressing his feelings more often.

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Catching Your Partner Cheating

If you feel that your partner is cheating, sometimes coming right out and asking your partner if they are being unfaithful doesn't always work out best because it could result in one of two things, him/her lying about it or him/her getting angry that you would even think they would do something like that to you. So, if you want to find out if your partner is cheating, here are some tips that can help.
Look for signs.
When someone is cheating or lying in anyway, they start to act different because they either feel guilty or they feel nervous about being caught. You know your partner better than anyone else does, so you'll know if your partner is acting strange. Pay attention to his/her actions and moods.
Looking through his/her belongings.
Not everyone is comfortable with doing this.. It's an invasion of privacy so you may end up feeling guilt or shame after doing this. But if you want proof that your partner is cheating before you talk about it, there may not be any other way to get the proof you need.
Phone/phone bills.
If someone has something to hide, they will most likely do whatever they can to try and keep it hidden. If your partner is cheating, his/her phone most likely won't be lying around the house at any given time. You may have to take a look at the phone bill, if this is your spouse that should be easy to do but if this is your boyfriend or girlfriend and you don't really live together, you may have to try to get their phone itself.
On the phone bill, you should only be alarmed when there are very long talks with numbers that you aren't familiar with.
Computer and Internet.
There are many different ways a person can cheat nowadays.. There's texting, emailing and Facebook. If you know the passwords to your partner's Facebook and email accounts, than you can easily see who he/she have been talking to. Be sure you check deleted folders too.
This may not always work because it's very easy to make a new account just to talk to someone they shouldn't be talking to and keep it hidden from you. There could be files saved on your partner's computer that can give it away as well such as pictures that were sent.
Pants pockets/purse.
You can found out a lot of information just by what someone has in their pockets or their purse. Movie ticket stubs or change even though they say they were just sitting at the office where they couldn't have bought anything.
There are many different ways you can catch your partner in the act, it's all about using your intuition. Be careful though, you don't want to get caught trying to catch your partner. Your partner can just use that as a way to leave the house and see someone else because they are "angry that you don't trust them" so try to keep to keep it hidden.
Follow your partner.
If your partner says that it's just going to be another long night at work or just another night with friends, try to follow your partner and see where it is they are really going and who they are really with. Of course, try to stay hidden so your partner doesn't see that you are trying to spy on them.
If you do find that your partner is cheating, try to stay calm and preserve anything that may be left in your relationship. Bring the information your found to your partner and try to calmly talk about it. You never know, your partner may still try to deny the fact that they are cheating even though you found proof that they are.
Of course you're expecting your partner to immediately apologize but that may not happen. Your partner may decide to be angry with you about looking through their belongings as a way to make it seem like you did something wrong too.
It's important to try and stay as strong as you possibly can through this. Decide on whether or not it's something you can forgive your partner for or if you could ever learn to trust him/her again. Take time to think it over, don't make a rash decision in the heat of the moment. If your partner loves you, they'll do whatever it takes to earn back your trust.

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